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Why Angular Cheilitis Is Not Cured With Antibiotic Cream

ointmentThe skin disorder associated with Angular Stomatitis is usually aggravated by too much moisture, which has been allowed to collect at the angles of the mouth, in the wrinkles around the mouth, and on top of the lips.

When the excess moisture stands on the skin over a period of time, it leads to tiny little splits at the site of collection, which typically look like a sore at corner of mouth.

These mouth corner cracks or what feels like cuts in corner of the mouth, in time, lead to larger and deeper cracks, which soon become infected, bleed, and in extreme cases they also present with pus.  The larger and deeper mouth corner sores provide an optimum environment for a variety of bacteria to grow and multiply.

Is Angular Cheilitis Contagious?

Facing such a painful and obviously unsightly infection, the typical sufferer thinking that it might be contagious is quick to make and appointment with his Primary Care Doctor who usually prescribes some cortisone cream for his sore corner of mouth.

Unfortunately, the cream only further aggravates the condition as it tends to make the infected areas itch, which makes the sufferer lick the areas and thereby creates even more moisture.

Dermatologist Is Consulted

By now the hapless sufferer is near panic.  Next, a dermatologist is consulted for a cheilosis treatment.  This specialist promptly prescribes an antibiotic based cream.  The dermatologist thinks that the cream should clear up the problem withing just a few days and return the affected areas to their normal smooth skin condition.

The treatment for first time infections does sometimes work, but most often it does not because there maybe more bacteria involved than first was thought so the corner of mouth sore condition continues to worsen.

While the antibiotic cream may be powerful and does kill off some of the bacteria, it typically does not eliminate all of them, and the ones that survive become stronger and resistant to the next application of the same cream or a even a similar one.

Repeated Episodes Are Typical

If you are experienced with Angular Chelitis,  then you are very familiar with the repetitive nature of cracks at corner of mouth.  It seems that as soon as you clear up one episode of the infection, another one is right on its heels.  Knowing this, you also know that soon the antibiotic creams will be totally useless in recurring flair-ups of the problem.

Granted they may help the first time or two, but then what?  The sufferer is literally back to square one in his search for a permanent solution for cracked side of mouth.  Typically, several trips to dermatologist’s office are made getting stronger and different types of antibiotics either in the cream or  pill form.

By now most sufferers are inclined to look at alternative treatments for Chelitis; they are ready to be rid of the bothersome skin problem for ever.  Amazingly, there are effective treatments that are available online without making yet another expensive and time consuming trip to the dermatologist.

If you are worn out with dealing with the aesthetically displeasing sores at the corners of the mouth; if you are tired of watching what you eat and drink for fear of reopening the crusty cracks, check out this new revolutionary remedy for Angular Cheilitis that will allow you to resume your life totally free of those problematic cracks on the side of your mouth.

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