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Tea Tree Oil Remedy For Angular Cheilitis?

tea treeThe remedy for angular cheilitis is nothing as painful as the and aggravating as the affliction.Unfortunately, chronic sufferers have resorted to all kinds of combinations of homemade and OTC medications  to heal their unsightly mouth corner lesions,  which are the common symptoms of this bothersome skin condition, and afflicts people the world over.

Knowing that tea tree oil has long been known to be effective against various fungi and bacteria, people naturally thought the loudly touted oil might also help heal the crusted over cracks in the corners of their mouths.  And, they also thought that since it was effectively used for acne, that it might also relieve them of their Angular Chelitis malady, and in the beginning, it did work to heal their sore corners of mouth.

After applying tea tree  oil, their split mouth corners began to exhibit the signs of healing, they were drying up, the pus and bleeding subsided, the crust started to fall off, and the skin returned to its soft normal condition,  and so it seemed like a miracle cure for this here-to-for seemingly incurable skin condition of sores on corner of mouth.  To say the least, long term sufferers were ecstatic over their discovery, but sadly, not for long.

Before too long, and after extensive research, it was found that the tea tree oil had some interesting and sometimes severe side effects such as hormonal problems and imbalances, diarrhea, and it also was found to weaken the immune system.  Additionally, some male teens found that their breasts were enlarging.  After hormonal problems were discovered, pregnant women were discouraged from using the oil.

Besides the harmful side effects, there were other problems associated with using the oil treatment to get rid of the disease.  It was found that after using the tea tree oil treatment, it would not work well to get rid of the symptoms of the illness the second time around.  In fact, it was so ineffective, that another and different remedy for Cheilitis would have to be applied in order to get relief.

So, while tea tree oil can help initially and for the first treatment, it is not recommended as a permanent cure for the irritating and troublesome facial skin condition.  It does have rather extensive side effects, which would should discourage anyone from using it to treat mouth corner splits.  Additionally, once it is used, it rapidly loses its ability to treat the condition leaving the sufferer the disappointment of yet another failed treatment and the need to find something that would help cure the problem.

Unfortunately, most people do not think to turn to the Internet for help. They do not know that there is a permanent and guaranteed cure available from online sites. It isn’t a tube of cream, a bottle of oil, or some pill, rather it is a revolutionary treatment in the form of a recipe. You just use what you most likely already have in your bath or kitchen for ingredients.

If you are over the painful and ugly symptoms of chelitis, if you would like to be able to oven your mouth without pain and without even having to worry about reopening the lesions in your mouth corners to laugh or eat, then get the courage to try this impressive new way to eliminate mouth corner cracks.

This remedy for the illness is guaranteed to get rid of your symptoms for good. You will be able to live life again, be popular again, but most of all you will be able to be completely free of pain and embarrassment forever.  For your own peace of mind and a pain free life, click here for the Angular Cheilitis treatment and give it a try today.

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