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Why Angular Cheilitis Is Not Cured With Antibiotic Cream

The skin disorder associated with Angular Stomatitis is usually aggravated by too much moisture, which has been allowed to collect at the angles of the mouth, in the wrinkles around the mouth, and on top of the lips. When the excess moisture stands on the skin over a period of time, it leads to tiny […]

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Who Is Prone To Angular Cheilitis?

Without fail, every year many thousands and probably even millions of people develop sores in corner of mouth, the symptoms of Angular Cheilitis, and literally every single one of them wishes they could find something to rid themselves of the blight of this problematic affliction, which is also called angular stomatitis. Before we discuss the […]

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Stop Your Angular Chelitis Cracked Mouth Corners

Most of us refer to angular chelitis (the medical term) as cracked corners of the mouth or sores in the corner of the mouth.  But when your cracked lips won’t heal, exactly what is this painful disorder? When we see someone with the telltale cracks at side of mouth, we usually don’t realize that they […]

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Repulsive Angular Cheilitis – Wipe Cracks Off Your Mouth Corners

It is unfortunate that Angular cheilitis symptoms appear right on the face as you can see from the pictures there really is no way to hide the sores on the side of the lips. Discount For Angular Cheilitis Cure Is it contagious?  No, but it sure looks like it could be, doesn’t it? There are […]

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