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Soothing Angular Cheilitis Home Remedy For Sores In Corner Of Mouth

pretty girl with kiwiWhen sores in corner of mouth begin, most people think it is some temporary condition that will go away on its own.   This painful annoying condition, which is considerably more than a rash on lips, touches all parts of your life and causes confusion as to how to treat it.

Unfortunately, cracked corners of the mouth, also called Angular Cheilitis, Perleche, Cheilosis, and Stomatitis, won’t go away on its own; it necessitates a specific cure for mouth corner sores.  If you don’t know what it looks like, take a look at these angular cheilitis pictures.

What Causes This Painful Unsightly Condition?

There is no one cause of Angular Cheilitis, but rather there are several different  known Angular Cheilitis causes.  And when we don’t know what causes an illness, we become confused as to the best way to treat the problem.   Cracks in the corner of your mouth  can be caused by bacteria, lip fungus, herpes or chapping, and each of these causes requires a different treatment.

Additionally, it can also be caused by medications that dry the skin too much, which can cause cracking.  One thing in particular that will exacerbate the irritating skin condition is to allow the corners of your mouth to collect moisture.

Who Gets It?

In fact, the segments of the population most affected with sore corners of mouth are the elderly and children.  Both f these age groups are prone to moisture collection at the mouth corners.

The elderly are affected with cracks at the corner of mouth more so than other parts of the population.  Why? Because wearing poorly fitting dentures or having missing teeth causes the lips to overlap which keeps the corners of the mouth moist and encourages bacterial and fungal growth.  For that reason, denture stomatitis is common among nursing home residents.

In addition, the amounts of vitamins and minerals in the elderly and in children are typically lower than in the other parts of the population, and these deficiencies also contribute to lip cheilitis, cracked corner of mouth.

Children tend to lick their lips and keep the area moist which makes their sores at corner of mouth markedly worse.

6 Tips To Help The Pain:

Once the sores in corner of mouth have cracked and you have either a bacterial or fungal infection there are a few things you can do to gain some relief.  These home remedies won’t cure the mouth sore, however they are a lip treatment that will diminish the pain.

(1) Take a q-tip and dab with sauerkraut juice.  It burns like living fire, however it will dry the area up.

(2)  Try moisturizing the lips and the affected area with cocoa butter and Vitamin E, or even with Vasoline.  This will prevent it from further cracking , making it more elastic, thus the pain will be less when you open your mouth.

(3)  Aloe vera and cucumber slices are very effective in hydrating the cracked crusty area and killing bacteria.  Very gently, Rub both on the cracks, and the itching will stop almost immediately, you will continue to see improvements after several applications.

(4) Apply some honey preferably some without preservatives or additives of any kind.  Honey contains great anti-bacterial and anti -fungal properties so it is great for killing the source of the infection.  It also takes the pain away and makes the itching stop.  You will want to apply some honey on the affected area once each day, and leave it on there for a couple minutes and then wash it off with plenty of water.

(5) You can take a pinch of salt and combine it with a few drops of olive oil and apply to the painful area.  This will calm the skin and make the condition bearable.


Tea Tree oil was considered a Cheilitis cure at one point because of its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It healed up the corner of mouth sores and allowed healing to begin.

However, reports of people who tried tea tree oil started surfacing and it was reported individuals were suffering from some unpleasant side effects.  Among the most common is diarrhea, weakening of the immune system, hormonal imbalances.

Pregnant women or those that breastfed their babies were prohibited from using it after these side effects appeared.  In addition to that, it was reported that some of the boys who have taken the tea tree oil treatment have suffered breast enlargements. To make matters worse, when the angular chelitis returned, the tea tree oil was no longer effective.

New Revolutionary Treatment

No one wants to be saddled with angry looking repulsive and painful mouth sores.  If healing your condition, getting your life back on track and living life to the fullest appeals to you, check out this new fully guaranteed Angular Cheilitis home remedy, an effective stomatitis treatment that gets rid of the entire problem for good in 12 hours or less without the used of antifungal medications.

Note:  This is not a treatment for mouth herpes.


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