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Repulsive Angular Cheilitis – Wipe Cracks Off Your Mouth Corners

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It is unfortunate that Angular cheilitis symptoms appear right on the face as you can see from the pictures there really is no way to hide the sores on the side of the lips.

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Is it contagious?  No, but it sure looks like it could be, doesn’t it?

There are several causes, but the main one is a saliva fed Candida fungus infection.

No Way To Hide Symptoms

There is nothing hidden about them.  In fact, it is extremely difficult to hide the hideous- looking, deep, crusted-over cracks in the corners of the mouth.

The  characteristic cracked mouth corners stay irritated to the point of sometimes bleeding, and frequently in extreme cases the angry mouth sores even begins  to ooze pus.

Additionally, the whole mouth and side of face areas swell and turn a red angry color.  While the nasty-looking condition is not contagious, it can be very painful as every time the mouth is opened to do just routine things like eating, talking, smiling, or yawning, the cracks reopen and the vicious cycle starts all over again.

People suffering with cheilitis symptoms dread feeling the crusty cracks reopening because they know from experience that the newly broken open mouth corner cracks will now take even longer to heal.

Mouth And Lip Sores Difficult Emotionally

As difficult as  the  symptoms are to endure physically, they are even more burdensome to manage emotionally.  I’ve heard some sufferers say that their lives have been turned into a living nightmare because of their repulsive-looking affliction.

The raw, red, loathsome splits at the corners of the lips look, to the uninformed, like they could be associated with uncleanliness, or, often, those ignorant of what angular chelitis symptoms look like, even think the mouth corner sores could be related to Aids, herpes  sores around the mouth, herpes on lips, or one of the other STD’s.

So, besides the obvious physical symptoms of the unsightly and painful disorder, the emotional symptoms including withdrawing from all social activities is prevalent among cracked mouth corner sufferers.

Those afflicted with the ugly-looking mouth side of mouth sores are ridiculed, and constantly made fun of.  This is especially the case if they are young or of school age.  The younger kids, especially the ones that are easily humiliated, really have a rough go of it.

Sufferers are routinely called, by the ignorant, all manner of ludicrous names like leper, aids face, herpes lips, and filthy-mac-nasty.   Their tormentors make their lives a living nightmare.

End Your Child’s Humiliation

Stop the name calling and stupid ridicule; Click Here To Immediately Download The Fast-Acting Cure For Angular Cheilitis! Your child doesn’t have to endure another torturous day.

Their friends, at school, quit hanging out with them because of the social stigma associated with being seen with them, and their parents frantically try to find a solution for the ongoing humiliating and painful problem.

Often, the parents of children and teens afflicted with long bouts of the illness suffer right along with their children as they frantically seek help for their child in every way possible.

Doctor’s visits, potions, creams, diet changes you name it, they have tried it.  They will do almost anything to help their child as they know that the symptoms of this affliction, while painful and annoying, are also truly ruining their kid’s social life.

Shunned and often alone, the afflicted soon lose all interest in getting and receiving affection.  Simple exchanges of hugs and kisses are totally off limits to those that have endured the tenacious and painful affliction for any period of time.

Sadly, the  affliction, with all its revolting symptoms can manifest, get worse, and hang around for years.  You can imagine what a toll this visual handicap could have on a young sufferer’s personality, especially if it isn’t remedied promptly.  Children and teens are in need of an effective  cure more than any other segment of the population.

Talk about being scarred for life!  There is no doubt that having a serious extended bout of the illness with its visible mouth corner tears could certainly cause negative personality changes.

I’ve read about people struggling with recurring bouts of the disgusting-looking and painful affliction for all of their lives.  I can’t even imagine being saddled with chelitis an entire life time.

There would be no chance at all for a normal life.  The opportunities available to normal-looking people would not be there for sufferers of this ailment.  What about job interviews?  Who would hire someone with bleeding or crusted-over cracks in the corners of their mouth?

How about dating and eventually finding a mate?  Having the disease permanently would certainly limit your opportunities to find the right person.  Probably, the person of your dreams wouldn’t give you the time of day with those gross-looking  sores in your mouth corners.

My Battle With The Disorder

I, myself, battled with the condition for more than three long horrible years.  To tell you the truth, I was beginning to think that I would never get rid of it.  They were, indeed, the worst years of my life.  There were many, many nights when I cried myself to sleep.

I hated my hideous mouth corner cracks because they limited my life so much.  I didn’t date at all because I was too embarrassed by my crusted-over tears at the side of my mouth.  I was afraid the sores, as they often did, would re-open and bleed in front of someone, or God forbid, on someone.  I didn’t feel attractive at all, in fact, I felt down right ugly.

Like you, after more than three years of enduring the problem, I had almost given up hope of ever getting well, of seeing the cracks in the corners of mouth dry up, and seeing the skin around my lips clear up and return to normal.  It had been so long, that I had quit even thinking about finding a cure.

I’d been to the Doctors with their creams and ointments, I’d tried to cover the angry looking mouth corner splits with blemish cover, and I’d tried taking various diet supplements.  I even, at one point, increased my water intake to over ten glasses per day.

For me, not one of these  home remedies helped in the least, and the blemish cover I resorted to actually seemed to irritate the condition even more.  It wasn’t until I accidentally discovered a natural cure for online, that I permanently got rid of the loathsome mess on my mouth.

Now, I’d like to invite you to learn how you can cure your painful and emotionally draining cracked mouth corners, and you can do it  from the privacy of your own home. Click Here for the Angular Cheilitis Overnight Cure.

You really can be shut of your painful and appalling condition by tomorrow morning after you apply this remedy tonight.

I know that the possibility of eradicating the appalling symptoms from your mouth and life could be true, but it is true, and this simple home  treatment has helped thousands of people and it can help you too.

End The Misery Today

Now I’d like to invite you to learn more about eliminating your awful-looking and painful cracked mouth corners.  The repulsive condition doesn’t have to rule your life.

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