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Perleche Treatement Works Quickly And Effectively

happy smileIt is estimated that literally millions of people each year are desperate to find an effective Perleche traitement, one that will eliminate the symptoms of a nasty dermatological condition that manifests itself at the corners of the mouth as sores or what might more aptly be described as deep crusty looking  mouth corner cracks.

Some fortunate few are able to rid themselves of the unsightly and painful condition with little trouble, however most of the afflicted tend to suffer with the condition in cycles with some bouts lasting for many weeks and even months which extend into years in some of the more severe cases.  If you are suffering with the disease, and have not been lucky enough to get rid of yourself of your bothersome mouth corner cracks, here are some great tips to help your fight against the malady a little easier:

  • First, with the onset of Perleche,  you must discover the cause of your current bout.  Look closely at the corners of your lips where the tiny paper-like cuts have started to appear.
  • Are there any folds of skin there that allow moisture to collect?  Have you had dental work done lately, or do you wear dentures?  If so, your dentures could have loosened to the point where they no longer fit as they once did, this can cause what is called denture stomatitis, a form of Perleche also known by many other names including Angular Cheilitis and Cheilosis.
  • If you discover that your dental work is not functioning as it once did, allowing moisture to collect at the corners of your mouth, then you have a quick fix for your condition.  Just make an appointment with your Dentist and have the situation corrected.
  • Another possible culprit could be poor nutrition.  A simple blood test can tell you if your body is lacking in the vitamins and nutrients it needs to carry on in a healthy manner.  In this case, your cracks in corner of mouth condition is probably the result of malnutrition and anemia, both of which can be helped by simply eating a healthy diet and taking vitamin supplements.  If you suspect malnutrition, do have these blood tests made as soon s possible so that your lip corner cracks can begin to heal.

Once you discover the cause of your particular case of  inflammation at the sides of your lips, you can then start the process of trying to alleviate the immediate pain and maddening itching by using either OTC creams and ointments or see your skin specialist for some prescription creams.  Some of them will actively work to heal the sores while at the same time giving you some sense of soothing the infected areas.

The more popular creams given by deratologists are: Hydrocortisone, Miconazole, and MYcolog II.  Mycolog II contains acetonide, nystatin, and triamcinolone.  They act to isolate the infected lip corners, keeping moisture away from the crusty mouth corner splits.  The fungal bacterial infection which is Angular Chelitis has to have moisture to survive.

Additional Tips

  1. In addition to these measures, it is also advisable to avoid long hours in the hot sun or prolonged stays in cold, windy and humid environments.
  2. Also try not to lick your lips as this instantly furnishes moisture to the affected areas, which is causes the condition to worsen.
  3. Make it a point to drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  4. Eat a healthy diet, one that is rich in vitamins and minerals.
  5. Avoid a diet that contains saturated foods and chemical additives.

If you will follow the tips outlined, you may be able to bring your condition under control, and perhaps by complying with your dermatologist’s directives every day you can even get rid of it for good; however, if you want to eliminate the problem for good, check out this new and revolutionary treatment.

If you are tired of dealing with your troubling recurring episodes time after painful time, this fast acting yet fully guaranteed Perleche traitement can allow you to reclaim your life again.


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