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Get Rid Of Angular Chelitis Within Just A Few Hours

Angular Chelitis

To get rid of angular chelitis is the ever present goal of anyone who has the affliction.

Except for this affliction, my life would be on track for total success in every way.

The embarrassing and painful symptoms of this horrid looking skin condition have robbed me of the promising life I should have had.

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Angular cheilitis is a fungal infection  that results in unbecoming cracks at the corners of the mouth.  The cuts in corner of mouth look and feel like horribly infected paper cuts at the angles of  the mouth where the upper and lower lips meet.

Severe afflictions are disfiguring and gross-looking as you can readily tell from this image.  The characteristic mouth corner cracks are revolting to look at whether you are looking at them yourself in the mirror or whether you are catching someone else unintentionally focusing on your repulsive and embarrassing crusted-over or oozing mouth corner tears.  Cut in corner of mouth is really a problem for anyone who develops the malady.

To be rid of cracks at corner of mouth becomes an all important matter when dealing with this sort of daily embarrassing aggravation.

Life Before ….

Before I developed mouth corner sores, I was a happy, outgoing person, just out of college, ready to begin my career in the field of recreation.  My dream was to be supervise a community center or go into parks and recreation on a state level.

While I was finishing up college, I developed a bad case of chapped lips, which progressed on to severe crusty mouth corner splits and then on to severe, and what I thought was s permanent  disease.


There are lots of remedies for chapped lips, but there aren’t that many for cheilitis.   It is a totally different animal to deal with.  It is caused by an over-growth of a fungus called Candida.

So Called Remedies

The problem is that you don’t realize that you have the condition until it is too late.  The angular cheilitis cure is simple, but not readily available in the market place, nor do many people know about it either.

I, like most sufferers of this unsightly affliction, tried all the conventional drug store OTC remedies, but never found one for that did the trick.  Some of the over the counter creams like Neosporin even seemed to make it worse.

My doctor prescribed hydro cortisone cream.  I used three tubes of the messy white cream, but they didn’t help the sores on lips at all.  This treatment usually does nothing to  help ease your discomfort.

Amazingly, my case lasted for more than three years.  Can you even imagine having cracks at corner of mouth for that long?  I was beginning to get very discouraged, thinking that my face was going to look like a herpes simplex victim for the rest of my life.

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I was embarrassed to go for the really neat jobs that I had always dreamed of, and, instead,  I settled for a mediocre one that I knew I could get just by having my college diploma.

Everything I tried became a trial and error sort of thing.  I really didn’t have much hope that any of the so called cures would work, but, thankfully, I didn’t give up hope entirely.

While researching on the Web, I found a home cure that people said had eliminated their mouth corner cracks.

After all the years that I had been living with the symptoms of the illness, it was difficult for me to get my hopes up, but I did, and am I ever thankful that I did.

Within several hours after I applied the natural treatment, my nasty-looking cracks began to disappear, and by the next morning the skin around my mouth corners had completely healed.

Now that I have my normal face back, I feel confident that I can get my life back on track.  As far as I’m concerned, this home cure saved my life.  I’m happier than I’ve ever been since I finally learned how to  get rid of my symptoms that actually looked like mouth herpes once and for all.

Get Rid Of The Problem Permanently

You too, can happily be rid of your unsightly and painful split mouth corners.  Click Here To Immediately Access The Cure ; in a few short hours you can begin to live your life to the fullest again.

Note:  This is not a treatment for herpes.

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