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Eating Healthier Helps You In Many Ways

green vibranceGreen smoothies are all the rage these days. However, with all of the incredible benefits and the ability to make them taste good, I don’t really see them going out of style.

Simply substituting one meal a day with a green smoothie, can greatly improve your health. I have researched several brands and Vibrant Health – Green Vibrance is the best on the market.

I typically didn’t eat anything for lunch or if I did, it wasn’t exactly what you would call healthy.  It wasn’t terrible, just not really healthy.  When I first tried a green smoothie, it wasn’t too yummy. In fact, it was pretty bad, but I gutted it out and drank it. The next thing I did was go and get a free book  and get some recipes for green smoothies.  The next day I was armed and ready.  I added some frozen fruit and some stevia and WOW.. did that make a difference.  It wasn’t exactly a strawberry milkshake, but honestly, it was pretty close.
I continued my lunch regimen of adding green smoothie daily.  It was day 5 and I started noticing I had more energy.  I really did.   The next benefit was a slight weight loss of a couple of pounds.  Now, the smoothie had my attention.  I had continued to eat scrambled eggs for breakfast and pizza or whatever for dinner, and I was still able to see benefits.
I guess because of the increased energy or just the feeling that something was helping me help myself, but I started walking.  Don’t get me wrong, no marathon training, just a simple 20 minute walk in the mornings.  Then, I thought, I will increase my water intake.
I continued this routine for almost a month.  By then, the results were clear, I felt better in every way (weight loss, energy, skin and of course no cracks in the corner of my mouth).  Again, I can’t attribute the whole improvement to the powder, and  I don’t know if every brand of green powder will get you on the right track, but I know the Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Powder did for me.

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