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Drying Out Mild Angular Cheilitis Cracks

moisturing your lipsAs anyone knows that has dealt with the vicious cyclical nature of Angular Cheilitis symptoms (painful and unbecoming sores on the corners of mouth), unless you begin to treat very quickly, the typical treatment for the disorder is also likely to make it much worse. Why?

The fungal bacterial infection begins as a slight rash around the mouth, particularly a dryness or rash on lips at the corners of the mouth where it quickly advances to little cuts in corner of mouth that resemble paper cuts and then on to deep cracks in the corners of the mouth.

You already know what a cut in corner of mouth feels like, these angular cheilitis pictures show you what the condition looks like.

For the cracks on side of mouth to start healing, the skin needs to be moisturized, yet the skin needs to be dry for the infection to heal.  Unfortunately, the drier the skin gets, the deeper and more  painful the cracks on the mouth corners become.

However, if  the cracked lip condition is left untreated the infection spreads.  Quite a dilemma, and that is one of the important reason why cheilitis or sores in the mouth is so difficult to treat once it really takes hold.

Simple Remedies For Mild Cases

If your case has not progressed too far that is if your condition is still just dryness around mouth and or a slight rash around the mouth corners,  there are some simple and immediate things you can do to return your skin to it’s normal condition.  First, you need to return some elasticity to the skin to keep it from cracking even more.  This can be accomplished in a couple of ways with some common simple mouth sore remedies.

  • Use a good lip balm immediately and keep it applied especially when you are outside in the elements.  A very good one is Burt’s Bees, which is sold in many Pharmacies and Drug Stores today.
  • Another thing you can do right away is to consume more water.  While the lip balm can help protect your skin from the outside, the increased water will hydrate your skin from the inside.  Drink water, not colas and such, and please no alcohol.
  • Also, these early stages would be a good time to start taking some iron and vitamin B supplements.  These supplements will boost your immune system allowing your own body to fight off the infection.  Along with the vitamins, a good balanced diet will also provide your body with the fortification it needs to heal your condition naturally and effectively.

Treatments For More Advanced Cases

If your condition  has already progressed to the painful stage where the cracks have deepened somewhat, a more aggressive treatment for Angular Chelitis is called for:

Purchase some off the shelf special moisturizing cream or some Nilstat cream and apply to the affected areas where your cracked lips won’t heal.  These creams will help with the pain, and if you have caught it in time, they may effect a total recovery.  As a word of caution, do not use the creams for a long period of time as they will aggravate the problem.

There are some MD prescribed antibiotic creams which can sometimes help with initial bouts of cracked mouth corners.  But most of these type cream solutions are counterproductive to bring about a total cure as they lead to lip licking which further furnishes  moisture to the infected cracked lip corners.

The steps outlined above should enable you to handle the early stages of the malady, but for more entrenched conditions, you may want to seek the aid of a dermatologist and their specifically designed Angular Cheilitis treatments.

However, if a visit to the dermatologist is not in your budget or maybe it does not fit into your time schedule right now, there are some effective and even guaranteed online alternative treatments available.

If your cracked lips won’t heal and you are simply over dealing with the worrisome and painful sores on your lip corners, there is a mouth sores cure that will get you back to opening your mouth without pain and without fear of making the cracks even worse.

While there are several typical angular cheilitis causes, the treatment for the condition is the same.

Check out this new revolutionary Angular Cheilitis treatment today, by tomorrow, you will be able to live your life free of the pain and humiliation of mouth corner sores.

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