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Cracks In Corner of Mouth Calls For An Angular Cheilitis Treatment

beautiful girlIf you are one the unlucky souls who has been stricken with cracks in corner of mouth, don’t worry. First of all, while painful, irritating and ugly to look at, the good news is you won’t die from it.

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Mouth corner cracks also referred to as angular cheilitis has a variety of cures. Yes, there are real cures that will heal it up. But there is also a ton of junk out there that doesn’t work; and, of course, gives the ailment time and opportunity to worsen.


Cracks Corners of Mouth Is Very Unpleasant

tape on mans faceThe symptoms of the malady aren’t pretty or fun for anyone. Here are some of the common and obvious symptoms

(1)  Every time you open your mouth to smile, laugh, eat, drink or talk, the cracks rip open. Victims of the problem typically avoid opening their mouths more than slightly. As you can imagine, life with an extended bout of the condition is very limited.

(2)  The mouth corner sores crust over when you sleep or go for periods of time when you aren’t talking, and then often the irritated mouth corner splits proceed to ooze yellowish reddish crud.

(3) Once you’ve had one episode of the problematic condition, you are very likely to fall victim to repeated extended occurrences.

(4) Sufferers usually become withdrawn stay-at-homes. They are embarrassed by the condition as the mouth corner cracks can resemble the symptoms of more serious diseases like Aids or Herpes.

Causes of Cracked Corners Of The Mouth

It is Not Caused By Uncleanliness

monkeysHow did you get it? Relax, it didn’t come from a monkey or from lack of proper hygiene.

(1). Deficiency in Iron

(2). Deficiency in B12 Vitamin

(3). Folate Deficiency

(4). People who have dentures that are not fitted properly

(5). Those with compromised immune systems

(6). Candida Fungus Fed By Saliva

(7). Over exposure to the sun, wind and other harsh weather conditions.


Things To Ease The Pain

apple and ice(1). Increase your water intake.

(2) Increase B-vitamins

(3) Put sauerkraut juice on the splits (yes, this stings like no tomorrow)

(4) Put honey on the cracks in corner of mouth

(5) Apply Aloe Vera to the area.

(6) Go to the doctor and pay for an expensive office visit and then to the pharmacy for another rip in the pants for hydro cortisone cream.

(7) OTC creams and potions


There are several to choose from

couple eating appleWhat is the difference in a remedy and a treatment? A remedy might work for some people, however, a treatment will work for everyone. Many times, people say, “I have had enough, I want to rid myself of this pain and yuck on my face!”

Here is a recommended treatments that is guaranteed to work or your money back.

# 1 Recommendation A. is a Natural Angular Cheilitis Treatment That Works Within A Few Hours
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