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Cracks In Corner of Mouth Healing Strategies

soothing cracks on side of mouthMaybe you have or have had issues with cracks in corner of mouth without knowing the proper name for the painful, irritating condition or what to do about it.  Angular Cheilitis is commonly referred to as cracks on side of mouth or just simply cracked mouth corners.  You’ve probably accepted the condition as a naturally occurring problem that just pops up every now and then with seemingly no reason behind it, but, in most situations there are reasons for the ugly, sometimes bleeding condition that you are witnessing as you observe yourself in the bathroom mirror.

There are many everyday situations that can cause Cheilitis including badly fitting dentures, crooked teeth, sagging skin, braces, lip licking, smoking and certain nutrient deficiencies.  Any situation that results in chronic moisture at the corners of the mouth can provide a perfect, moisture rich environment for the fungus to grow.  Something as innocent as drooling at night or even having a lot of saliva in your mouth can cause the problem.

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People with anemia, blood cancers, diabetes, down syndrome and immune disorders like HIV are also at higher risk to develop the unsightly malady.  Additionally, herpes labialis can cause symptoms very similar to it.corner of mouth cracked

Corner of mouth cracked breakouts are very common in people with diabetes because the Candida fungus that causes the condition feeds on the glucose that is found in everyone’s blood, but is particularly high in diabetic patients.  Unfortunately, many diabetes sufferers are doomed to deal with the irritating problem on an ongoing basis.  To them it is like the plague.

As you can see, literally no one is immune to having the condition, but we have listed the most common reasons why people do develop the annoying and oftentimes very repulsive looking problem.  As it manifests right in plain sight on your lips, there really is no reliable way to hide it.

If you seek help from your primary care professional, you will most likely be given one of the following: nystatin, ketoconsolel, clotrimazole, mupironcin depending on the underlying cause of your condition.

Many people seek the help of a doctor when they find themselves battling an outbreak of their Angular Cheilitis, but an episode even a nagging long-running episode does not necessarily mean a trip to your primary care professional.  Click here for an Angular Cheilitis Cure that rids you of your embarrassing, painful cracked lip corners or your money back, no questions asked, 100% guaranteed.

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