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Are You Suffering With Cracked Corners Of The Mouth?

cracked corners of the mouth

Is angular chelitis the same thing as cracked corners of the mouth?  In fact, there are not very many maladies or skin conditions that go by as many different names as cracked corners of lips does.

People on the medical front refer to it as angular cheilitis, perleche, cheilosis, chelosis angular stomitis, angular stomatitis, cheilitis,or it can also be spelled chelitis.

Ordinary folk refer to it as cracked lips corner, sore on corner of mouth, cuts in corner of mouth, dry corners of mouth, or even cracks on side of mouth Those afflicted with the condition just call it plain miserable. Even if you have what our society calls a healthy family, a member of your family could be afflicted with this malady.

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There is no doubt that cheilitis is a difficult skin problem to put up with, and it is typically seen as almost impossible to get rid of.


  • Those that have endured its ugly-looking symptoms have seen their lives change radically for the worse. But exactly what is sores on corner of mouth? Medically,  Angular Chelitis is a painful bacterial or fungal infection that customarily manifests itself as cracked lip corners or as raw, angry-looking deep splits at the angles of the mouth and results in sores at the corner of the mouth.
  • Angular Cheilitis is the ulceration and cracking at either side of the mouth brought about by the infection.  The mouth corner ulcers or cracks can be inordinately painful and long-lasting as they tend to reopen, bleed, and crust-over each time the mouth is opened more than just a little.


The fungal infection can be started when an over abundance of saliva is left at the corners of the mouth.

Chapped Lips

One way that saliva collects in the corners of the mouth is when our lips are chapped.  A bad case of chapped lips is probably the reason for the largest percentage of cheilitis cases reported worldwide.

If you think about it, the first thing you unconsciously do when your lips are chapped is to lick them in order to sooth them. The Candida Fungus that often causes the skin issue needs a ready moisture supply in which grow.

The fungus lives on your lips as a matter of course, but when it is provided a moisture rich environment, it multiplies rapidly leaving the poor hapless host with deep splits at his mouth corners.

Poor Fitting Dentures

A common reason that saliva forms at your mouth corners is poor fitting dentures or lack of dentures. When the dentures don’t fit properly, your mouth doesn’t close as tightly as it should and saliva leaks to the mouth corners.

Vitamin Deficiencies

Certain vitamin deficiencies can also lead to Chelitis, and also some forms of malnutrition can also result in angry-looking sores at the mouth angles, however, these last two mentioned account for only a small percentage of the inflammations.

Regardless of the causes for Angular Cheilitis, you will be glad to know that there is a swift Angular Cheilitis Cure available from the alternative health treatment sector.


One of the simplest things that you can do to prevent a flair-up is to always use a good lip balm when you know you will be out in the elements any length of time.

How The Cure Works

This simple natural cure for Cheilitis operates by isolating moisture away from the inflamed mouth corner ulcerated cracks.  It keeps the infected cracked corner of mouth dry until it can heal.  Since the infection needs moisture to thrive, it dies in a dry environment.

This home cure for Angular Chelitis is available online and takes only a few hours to result in a complete turnaround for your unsightly mouth corner cracks.  Many people and those folks who have children that are suffering with this humiliating and painful condition are at a loss as to what to do to heal themselves, and that is why this at-home remedy is so welcome.

For these sufferers, the ones that have been battling the condition for months or sometimes years, this simple solution is a God-Send.  They’ve already tried the Doctors and the OTC medications, and they feel pretty helpless.  It’s almost unbelievable to them that something so simple as this home treatment for Angular Cheilitis could cure them of their horrible mouth ulcers as quickly as overnight.

If you or your child is a chronic sufferer of cracked mouth corners, I would like to invite you to immediately download the cracked corner of mouth treatment that we’ve discussed in this article.  Click Here For Angular Chelitis Cure, and see your painful, miserable cracks disappear by in the morning.

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