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Angular Chelitis Treatment Quickly Ends Lip Corner Splits

lip corner splits

If you are suffering with lip corner splits or sores at side of mouth, an angular chelitis treatment may be called for.

Not all cracks on the lip corners are caused by angular chelitis, but a good many persistent painful lip sores can be attributed to the rather unpleasant looking and painful condition.

Angular chilitis, as it is sometimes spelled, usually starts out as dry corners of mouth, but then quickly advances to thin paper like cuts, and then on to deep crusty cracks on side of mouth.  Angular Chelitis does not respond to a fever blister treatment.

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Any irritation of the lips and mouth is constantly uncomfortable simply because we are almost always putting our mouths to use in some way or the other. We just seem to notice a sore on our lips more than on any other area of our bodies.  But a crack in corner of mouth is particularly aggravating to most people.

Corners Of Mouth Cracked?

If you have something wrong with your lips or mouth especially cracked corner of mouth, your world is just not right, is it?  A chronic lip sore problem just puts you in a perpetual bad frame of mind, and there is nothing that would make you happier than getting your hands on an effective angular chelitis remedy.  While the symptoms of the malady can look like herpes on lip, it is an entirely different problem.

Treatment Wipes Out Mouth Corner Cracks

If you’ve ever had the crusty mouth corner cracks of angular chilitis, then you know that even the simple act of talking can be a dreaded chore as you are necessarily subjected to new and additional pain with every new opening of your mouth.  When you have a sore on corner of mouth, there is almost never a minute when you are not aware of it.

In the case of this cracked lips corner affliction, you not only have to endure the repetitious pain, but you are also subjected to the embarrassment of knowing that people are looking, with no small degree of horror, at the appearance of your face.  Strangers and friends alike make all sorts of erroneous assumptions about your condition.

Even the most self-assured and confident of people find themselves shrinking from social interaction.  They feel incredibly vulnerable and self-conscious, and who could blame them when their mouth corner sores are so conspicuously displayed in plain sight on their faces.

To make matters worse, the crusty and sometimes oozing cracks at side of mouth are next to impossible to hide.  Often people try  putting makeup on them, but within just a few minutes the ugly splits begin to water and ooze and the makeup comes off.  The guys have no recourse at all, except for covering their mouths with a thrown up hand.

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OTC Remedies Are Typically Useless

While there are many OTC angular chelitis remedies that are available and said  to relieve the gross-looking symptoms of cracks on side of mouth, most of the usual off-the-self treatments from the pharmacy are of the trial and error variety.

Note:  Do not use Miconazole gel for a corner of mouth sore.  This is a medicine typically used for athlete’s foot.   While it is an antifungal treatment, it is not to be used around the mouth.   And, what works for one case may not work at all for the next.

What If You Have Sensitive Skin

And, if you are the type that is already allergic to almost everything, you’ll find it even more challenging to find a treatment for angular chelitis that will heal your lip corner cracks, give you some relief from the pain and also avoid irritating your sensitive skin.

People suffering with the troublesome affliction typically make the mistake of thinking that they need to keep their irritated cracked mouth corners moist.  Actually, just the reverse is true, for angular chelitis,  you should keep the inflamed areas as dry as possible.

Treatment Heals Quickly

These are some additional things you can do to ease your pain while the lip cracks are healing.  Drink through a straw, avoid citrus fruit and acidic foods while the splits are healing as these will only cause additional pain and make your healing process longer.

Additionally,  keep infected areas clean and dry, and change your bedding especially your pillow slips frequently to cut back on the chance of additional bacteria getting into your raw mouth corner splits.

Treatment Abolishes Symptoms Overnight

Living with the pain and embarrassment of this disorder is always difficult, but, fortunately, there is a natural angular chelitis remedy that will get rid of your agony quickly.

However, these days, it is possible to go online and find a  remedy for almost every physical condition under the sun.  For example, the other day, I ran across a site that talked about various methods for getting rid on unsightly hair, it even talked about the cost of laser hair removal.  When getting any remedy, make sure that it is guaranteed.
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Treatment Is Guaranteed

I know you will be elated when you look in the mirror to find normal skin where those unsightly and painful cracks used to be.  This treatment heals your mouth corner splits by overnight guaranteed.

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