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Stop Your Angular Chelitis Cracked Mouth Corners


Most of us refer to angular chelitis (the medical term) as cracked corners of the mouth or sores in the corner of the mouth.  But when your cracked lips won’t heal, exactly what is this painful disorder?

When we see someone with the telltale cracks at side of mouth, we usually don’t realize that they are suffering with a persistent case of Angular Cheilitis.

Its symptoms, in the beginning stages, are similar to but different than the ordinary little paper cut like tears that we all get from time to time in our mouth corners.

Chelitis cracks tend to get deeper and are accompanied by redness, swelling and crustiness.  They can drastically change the appearance of your face.  Some people, suffering with a flair-up, actually think they look disfigured.

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Flair-ups Can Last For Years

A bout of cheilitis can last for a very long time.  In fact, it can even hang around and plague its unfortunate victim for several years.  It can be a real troublemaker, to put it mildly.

A Typical Flair-Up?

The majority of the time, condition is caused by a fungal infection.  The  mouth corner sores are crusty-looking, blister-like splits that at first look a somewhat like a cold sore or fever blister, however, they don’t respond to over the counter medications like Abreva, Neosporin, Zim’s Crack Cream, tubes of 1% hydro cortisone, and even some antifungal medications.

After applying these OTC remedies, rather than getting well, the corners of mouth cracked symptoms of Chelitis get worse.  In the initial stages of the illness, the little mouth corner tears are not especially painful but they do smart and sting if you open your mouth too widely.

Later on, and, as the inflammation worsens, and as these mouth corner splits get deeper, they become extremely painful, making it difficult to even eat , drink, talk, smile, or yawn. If you are a singer, you can forget singing until you get rid of the annoying, painful symptoms.

Severe infections make any use of your mouth painful as opening the mouth widely stretches and ultimately breaks the cracks open again and again.  As might be expected these mouth corner splits can be and usually are agonizing as the cycle repeats itself over and over.

To make matters worse, the deep crusty mouth corner tears of  the condition continually itch so that the sufferer unconsciously licks the inflamed mouth corner sores.  Licking the cracks provides constant moisture to the inflamed cracks, which is, no doubt, the worst thing you could do for any angular cheilitis infection.

Angular Cheilitis Is Not Aids

While the disorder is often mistaken for the blisters of herpes on lip or the sores of Aids, it should not be confused with the symptoms of the more serious herpes simplex type 1 or the much more serious symptoms of Aids, nor is it exfoliative cheilitis commonly called dry peeling lips.

Let’s be clear, the skin problem has nothing to do with the two more serious conditions, the symptoms just happen to resemble  some of the visible symptoms of these two diseases, but in its beginning stages it could also resemble exfoliative cheilitis.

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The Symptoms Are Characterized By:

The dry corners of mouth and look like irritated lines or cracks radiating from the angles of the mouth.  But if you look at them, they are definite splits angling out from the mouth corners, they are not round sores.

They are non-infectious and non-cancerous, but they are absolutely revolting if you have them on your mouth, lips and under your nose.  In prolonged or more serious afflictions, the unsightly sores on corner of mouth cause unrelenting pain.

Some Of The Common Causes Of Angular Chelitis

Among the top angular cheilitis causes is a rampant overgrowth of  the Candida fungus.  The fungus is ideally supported by the  accumulation of saliva at the angles of the mouth.

This is why it is detrimental to lick your lips while you have the problem.  The fungus thrives in a wet, moisture rich environment and the constant moisture from licking your lips provides the perfect breeding ground for the fungus to flourish and for the inflammation to worsen.

Other Known Causes Of The Ailment

Some of the more common other causes of angular chelitis are: Vitamin deficiencies, ill fitting dentures, viral infections, bacterial infections, iron deficiencies, lip biting, loss of teeth, thumb sucking, pacifier sucking and bottle feeding.  There are other causes, but these are the most common.

Who Is Susceptible To The Disorder?

Adults that work out in the wind, sun and harsh weather are more prone to develop the disorder because their lips suffer from over exposure to these elements, resulting in cracked mouth corners.

For the same reasons, children that love to play outdoors are also more susceptible to the affliction.  When children have chapped lips, they tend to constantly run their tongues over them in order to make them feel better.

The tongue deposits saliva into the corners of the mouth.  The fungus loves this constant moisture supply.  Licking the lips unknowingly provides the ideal growing conditions.

How To Get Rid Of It

So, what is the easiest and quickest way to rid yourself of an the affliction?  If you’ve had cracked mouth corners for more than a few weeks, then, you have, most likely, tried all the obvious, but typically worthless, methods for getting rid of your appalling and painful symptoms.

You’ve probably tried the OTC medications like miconazole gel or maybe an antifungal medication and the hydro cortisone creams; the diet changes; the vitamin supplements; and maybe you’ve even been to see your primary caregiver, but, so far, none of them has helped.

If you find yourself in this particular hapless category, then you’re completely worn out with the cracking, and crusting-over,  the oozing, the pain, the embarrassment, and the total lack of a social or intimate life.

At this point, you no doubt, are beginning to think that the facial skin condition will be your constant companion from now on.  And, you may not be wrong in that conclusion as some flair-ups have been known to even last for a life time.

Yes, you definitely are ready to find an effective angular chelitis treatment that will kick your mouth corner cracks quickly.

Since the malady can be caused by a variety of things, you need a remedy that will get to the root cause of the inflammation, you need an angular chelitis cure that will get at and treat the real causes.

Common sense will tell you, that because the Candida fungus needs a moisture rich environment in which to run wild, a treatment that will keep moisture (saliva) from accumulating at the mouth corners is the angular cheilitis treatment that will be successful in ending your misery.

Natural Cure Is Best

Many sufferers worldwide have turned to an alternative natural angular cheilitis remedy with complete success.  This incredibly simple all-natural treatment prevents moisture from accumulating in the irritated cracks at your mouth corners, thus the fungus dies, and your mouth corners splits heal.

The ingredients for this at-home natural cure for angular cheilitis can customarily be found in your own home, you don’t even have to leave your house to begin the short process of banishing the crusty, persistent cracks from your mouth corners and from your life.

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You’ve already tried the typical so called remedies with zero success, why not try the natural treatment that actually works?

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