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Effective Angular Cheilitis Treatment Eliminates Cracked Lip And Mouth Corners

lady with scarf over mouthIs there an effective angular cheilitis treatment?  There can be no doubt that victims of this repulsive condition want something to get rid of the always painful, always embarrassing and always ugly looking cracked side of mouth affliction.

They want a treatment that works quickly.  Who can blame them, it is a very difficult to deal with cracked lip cornersThe pain is relentless and exhausting and the humiliation is more than most can put up with.

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Although, you probably didn’t know what you were looking at, you’ve all seen advanced cases of angular cheilitis, which in the medical literature is also termed Angular Chelitis, Perleche, Stomitis, Stomatitis, Cheilosis and other variations.

Medical professionals use these terms interchangeably, but they all mean cracked lip corners or cracking in corner of mouth, which is the term used by most non medical people.

Simple Chapped Lips

A mild cracked lip resulting from temporary chapped lips or dry side of mouth is not Cheilitis.  This mild lip sore condition, which in truth could rapidly advance to the much more serious angular chelitis if left untreated is often found in children and people that work outdoors.  Almost everyone on the planet has had this common lip problem.

This very common lip sore condition is treatable with routine use of a good chap stick or lip balm.  And usually, no serious treatment for Angular Cheilitis  is actually needed.  However, if dry side of mouth or chapped lips are untreated, they can advance to the more serious condition of cheilosis where you would need to use the effective cure talked about in this article.

Just protect the lips when you are out in the wind, sun or cold weather.  Sounds like common sense and it is, but we often forget to put chap stick on and we forget to put it on our kids before they play outside.

Personally, I have been using Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm ever since I got rid of my ridiculously long  Chelitis infection, but I’m certain that there are other products on the market that would work just as well.  All my friends and family members know that I like Burt’s Bees, so that is what ends up in my Christmas stocking.

Another thing that you might try is getting yourself a good juicer.  Get in the habit of using it regularly to promote beautiful clear skin.

Treatment Gets Rid Of Ugly Symptoms

The symptoms are literally impossible to hide since it begins as dry skin in corner and advances to the more serious cracking in corner of mouth stage.  Usually, it first appears on one corner, but rapidly manifests as both sides of mouth cracking and repeatedly crusting over and reopening in a vicious cycle.

Unlike most illnesses or diseases, which are hidden by clothing, or may manifest on parts of  the body where they can’t be seen, angular chelitis with its facial disfiguring tendencies, needs immediate intervention in the form of effective treatments.  There is no better or faster acting remedy than the one discussed in this article.

Treatment Ends Emotional Trauma

An immediate angular cheilitis cure is indispensable so as to head off constant needless pain and also the emotional trauma that is often associated with extended flair-ups of the ailment.  This simple yet revolutionary cure ends repeated flair-ups.  In fact, use this home remedy and you can put this problem behind you once and for all.

Remedy Ends Struggle With Affliction

If this is your first bout of the infection, or if you’ve only been struggling with its distressing and hideous symptoms for a short time, you may be saying to yourself, “well, how long could these awful looking  cracks stay on my mouth?”  The truth is, many sufferers have endured the condition for years.  No one wants to put his life on hold for years?

If you’ve had the affliction for a few weeks or months, I’m sure you are wondering if they will ever disappear; that just has to be a constant thought in your head.  You are ever looking for the cure for Angular Cheilitis that will be effective.

Fast Acting Cheilitis Treatment

The first inclination for most folks is just to wait it out. In fact, waiting it out is often the worst move that those afflicted with the horrid mouth corner cracks could possibly try.

This first strategy really only makes matters worse since the longer the infection is allowed to persist, the worse it gets.

What Does It Look Like?

Cheilitis commonly looks like badly infected paper cuts, which just happen to be in the corners of the mouth.  If cracked side of lips is observed, then you may suspect Perleche.

The mouth corner tears or splits, can get quite deep and are susceptible to bleeding, oozing, crusting over; and, due to where mouth corner cracks are located, they tend to painfully reopen with each new use of the mouth.

Is It Contagious?

Anyone upon see the unsightly symptoms would want to know if it is contagious.  It is typically not catching though it does look like it could be.

Treatment Stops Affliction In Its Tracks

More severe cases can eventually turn into mouth thrush. Oral thrush is an infection of yeast fungus, in the mucous membranes of the mouth.

While oral thrush usually occurs in babies, children and those with HIV or cancer, it can also be a progression of angular cheilitis to include the entire lip, exterior mouth and interior mouth.  This treatment stops the affliction dead in its tracks before it leads to the more serious oral thrush illness.

Laugh Again

Opening the mouth wide while laughing or yawning will certainly break open the crusty mouth corner sores, so from that standpoint, it is definitely easy to understand why those afflicted with these symptoms usually become shy and withdrawn, and why they would be madly searching for an efficient angular cheilitis remedy.

They simply want to be able to return to their normal lives.  And of all the treatments by using this healing solution you can resume your normal life by as soon as tomorrow morning.

Try to imagine how difficult this must be for the luckless people that are continually suffering with the appalling deep, red, crusty mouth corner splits characteristic of the disease.

Long-term sufferers, those that have extended bouts of the condition begin to avoid talking or smiling and all forms of activities that would put them in intimate contact with anyone.


What are some of the more common treatments for Angular Cheilitis?

Wait It Out

The first thing that people afflicted with the illness typically do is try to wait the seemingly harmless condition out.

Left untreated, unsightly condition rapidly gets worse because unknowingly, the unfortunate victim starts routinely doing the one thing that is sure to worsen their itchy angry looking symptoms.

The Candida fungus, which is responsible for the development of the affliction simply loves a moist environment, in fact, it must have a moisture rich environment in order to live. Lip licking provides a damp and wet environment.

OTC Medications

There are many so called treatments for angular cheilitis out there today, and if you’ve had the unattractive lip and mouth area skin condition for several weeks, or months or extended years, then, you have probably found yourself trying them all.

One-by-one you have tried them.  Like most of us that have had to deal with the gross-looking, persistent mouth corner splits, you’ve systematically tried every remedy in the book.

As we’ve already said, waiting for the infection to simply go away on its own and licking your lips is the worst course of treatment you could possibly follow.

Doctor Prescribed Hydro Cortisone

The next treatment that you found yourself trying was a tube of 1% or 2% hydro cortisone that your MD prescribed.

As you’ve already discovered this avenue was a total waste of time and money as far as an actual cure goes. You might as well have flushed your money down the toilet. You paid your money and got your hopes up for nothing.


Then, you might have tried taking vitamin supplements, which do sometimes work when those suffering with angular cheilitis are low in some of the essential B vitamins, but this route, if it works, takes time.

Others have tried diet changes, and all sorts of over the counter lotions and potions none of which helped in the least.

If you are saddled with the loathsome symptoms of the disease, you want a treatment that really works, and works right now.

After trying all the the different so called angular cheilitis remedies mentioned in this article, I had all but given up hope of finding a real honest to goodness cure, something that would eliminate the painful and repugnant symptoms forever.

But one day, while surfing the net I found an all natural  treatment that actually worked and worked quickly. It was truly a God-send for me.

To say the least, I was skeptical, I had my definite doubts, but I gathered my courage just one more time, and I downloaded the treatment of angular cheilitis, an amazing formula, which put an immediate end to my three plus year bout of the sickening affliction.

Now, I would like to invite you to download this same guaranteed natural  treatment that worked for me and many others like me, it is called the Angular Cheilitis Cure.

It was discovered and developed by a sad and frustrated parent whose teen had been suffering with the humiliating problem for a long time.

It works by depriving the fungus the moisture it needs to survive. No moisture, the fungus dies and your mouth corner splits dry up and you skin returns to normal.

Download Your Cure Now

Many thousands have used this proven treatment.  Immediately download the fully guaranteed remedy that can have your mouth corners looking normal again by tomorrow morning.  Click Here For The Simple At Home  Treatment!

Sufferers that have applied this unique home cure at night have awakened to perfectly normal lip corner skin the next morning.

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