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Best Way To Eradicate Angular Cheilitis Symptoms

lip soreAs you can see from this picture, angular cheilitis symptoms are not agreeable to look at, and also from the picture, you can tell that the mouth corner cracks, which look a lot like cold sores on lips are also quite painful.

Angular cheilitis manifestations are very easy to spot because they appear on the face which is usually the first part of the body anyone sees.  A singular crack in corner of the mouth or  more typically cracks in both corners can usually be attributed to this ailment.

The unsightly symptoms are immediately visible to anyone who looks at the face of those afflicted.  Angular cheilitis pictures are hard to focus on for any length of time.

Symptoms Cannot Be Hidden

There is really no way to effectively hide the ugly cracked mouth corners, of the illness, and to further complicate the issue, their location at the angles of the lips makes them very difficult to heal.

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Symptoms Can Be Mistaken

Additionally,  however, to the uneducated, the cracked lips corners of mouth can be wrongly seen as signs of other more serious diseases, which is truly unfortunate because the mistaken assumption can be so very harmful emotionally to the afflicted.

For example, they can be seen as sores associated with Aids sores.  Remember in the various Aids related movies and TV documentaries, the revealing of the Aids victim’s skin sores was often the turning point in the film.  It was at this point that the victim’s family and friends usually withdrew from him.

Hardest On Young People

Often children that are enduring a long bout of chelitis,  are ridiculed and made fun of at school.  With no accurate knowledge of what the mouth corner cracks actually are, people are terrified that the condition might me catching.

Symptoms Cause Shunning

They are sometimes shunned to the point of exclusion from normal interactions with other students, extracurricular activities at school, and group parties.  Their lip sores make their social lives a living nightmare.  They begin dreading to go to school and taking part in the other normal activities in a kid’s life.

Yes, by far, children and teens suffer more than the other age groups because they are so susceptible to harassment from their school mates and other casual acquaintances.  Adults do get ridiculed and scoffed at in the work place, but they are more prepared emotionally to deal with the humiliation of their sores at the corner of the mouth.

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Symptoms Damage Entire Life

So, as you can see, the symptoms are not limited to the actual physical manifestations of the frustrating condition, they can and do extend to include the whole of a sufferers life.

Physical Symptoms Are:

  • Deep nasty-looking, raw, red, crusty persistent cracks or splits in mouth corners which often bleed when the mouth is opened to eat, drink or smile.  The angry looking lesions look like grossly infected paper cuts.
  • Additionally, if you have these angry-looking splits in the corners of your mouth, you’ll have tenderness and swelling in those mouth corner areas, and without prompt intervention, the repulsive lip sores will spread to include the entire lip and mouth area.  At this state the symptoms are quite painful especially when the mouth is opened widely.
  • Without a timely angular cheilitis cure, and in extreme cases, the crusty, bleeding sores or ulcers can even ooze pus leaving an opportunity for a full-blown Candida fungus mouth infection to form.
  • The ongoing splitting and crusting over will also cause the corners of your mouth to itch adding yet another difficulty to the other ones you’re already attempting to deal with.  The annoying and repulsive indications are enough to drive anyone insane.
  • Constant itching makes you want to scratch or lick the cracked, crusty areas.  You know that the licking and scratching will only make your chelitis symptoms worse, but you just can’t seem to help yourself.  This sets up a vicious cycle which definitely calls for an immediate remedy.

Actually, the disorder is caused by a fungal bacteria that lies dormant on the lips.  Usually, it is held at bay by one’s own immune system.  The Candida fungus, which needs a moisture rich environment in order to flourish and take hold, establishes itself in the open moist cracks of the mouth.  This is why licking is so detrimental to healing process.

More Symptoms Reported In Winter

Often sufferers report a cold snap or the beginning of winter as the time when the onset of the affliction begins.  They naturally think that the cold weather causes the inflammation, but this is not true.  The wind and cold weather do cause chapped lips and when your lips are chapped, you as a matter of course want to lick them.  The licking provides the fungus with the wetness it needs to keep growing.

If you’re suffering with persistent cracked mouth corners, don’t give up, you can return to the happy, outgoing person you used to be, and you can do it quickly.

I had endured my crusty, oozing mouth corner sores for more than three years before I found an amazing online all natural angular cheilitis treatment for my embarrassing and painful problem.

It was just a miraculous discovery for me. In less than 3 hours, my cracked corners of mouth affliction started to dried up, the nasty inflammation cleared , and the rawness disappeared.  I can’t tell you how happy I was to be able to look in my bathroom mirror again without cringing at my own image.

 Enjoy Life Again

You can enjoy life again too. Imagine being rid of  the telltale splits in the corners of your mouth in only hours. You’ll be able to walk out your front door without feeling like you have to hide your mouth.  You’ll quit hiding, and you’ll begin to enjoy your family, friends, and neighbors again.

drinking waterPeople will no longer shun you and call you names. You’ll be able to eat, drink, talk and smile just like you used to.  The best part is you won’t have to be constantly wondering if you’re going to break open your cracked mouth corners.  Angular Chelitis will no longer be the focal point of you life.

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I know it’s almost impossible to believe, especially if you’re a long time cracked corner of mouth sufferer, but honestly, use this remedy and you can be completely healed of the sores on the side of your mouth by tomorrow morning.

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