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You Should Avoid Picking Mouth Corner Sores

Like a fever blister outbreak, if you are alert to your beginning symptoms, there is typically a telltale tingling sensation that precedes yet another episode of Angular Cheilitis, commonly referred to as mouth corner sores.

big smileWith that first sure sign, if you are like most people that have endured multiple outbreaks, you have a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, as the tingling, or slightly burning feeling at the corners of the mouth usually means many weeks of dealing with the embarrassing, troublesome, and painful condition. At the first sign of another bout of the disease, your first inclination is to get rid of it as soon as possible.  You are immediately looking for anything that would act as an Angular Cheilitis cure whether it is founded in good practice or not.

Long-Term Sufferers
Although from experience, most long-term sufferers know not to pick at their mouth corner sores, in their near hysteria, upon seeing their recurring symptoms, the mouth corner crusty splits or sores, they commence feverishly picking at the crusted over and often times oozing sore mouth corner areas. They think on some irrational level that getting rid of the surface sores will end their current affliction. This attempt to get rid of the problem never works as it actually prevents healing from ever starting.

Angular Chelitis or cracked mouth corners as it is usually called first appears as little thin slightly irritated splits but quickly deteriorates to deep red, itchy, inflamed cracks that get crusty and ooze pus and sometimes blood. In order for the condition to heal, the underlying skin cells needs to start regenerating,but if you are continually picking off the top of the sore, the cracks will only become more inflamed and also get larger and deeper. So, picking at the sores not only makes the infection worse, it also, unfortunately, causes the episode to last longer.

Side Effects
Besides making the affliction worse and prolonging the bout, there are additional side effects to picking the painful, stinging cracks. One, if the problem has advanced to the pus stage, then there are untold millions of bacteria present, and scratching the sores leads to additional infection, and two, sadly, picking also can lead to permanent scarring of the corners of your mouth.

Knowing that you might be causing permanent scars on your face would be enough to keep most people from even thinking about touching their red itchy sores, much less picking them, but sufferers still do pick in a panic reflexive movement.

As you can see, it is best to refrain from the act of picking your mouth corner cracks. The problems inherent in doing so far out weight the brief physical relief or imaginary gain or messing with the facial skin condition.

Better Treatment
There is a much better way to treat the affliction. If you are one of the ones who is just worn out with the on again off again episodes of this painful and humiliating condition and if you would like to start eating, drinking, smiling, and talking without pain and the fear of reopening your sores, this may be a good time to check out a new revolutionary home remedy.

This Angular Cheilitis Treatment will get rid of your embarrassing symptoms in short order and you will be able to resume your life without having to put up with them another day longer.

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