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Angular Cheilitis Pictures Tell The Story

Compare your sore mouth condition to these pictures.  If your cracked mouth corner problem look like these images of cheilitis sufferers, there is a good chance that you might have the irritating and gross-looking skin condition.

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Can you even imagine how humiliating it would be if you were a child or a teen to endure having cheilitis pictures for school photos?  Or, how about shots of your mouth sores for prom night photos?

Or, even worse, what about having cracked mouth corner pictures  for your wedding or  for your golden wedding anniversary album?  Like anyone, you would cringe at the thought of having  any unsightly pics in your photo albums for any special date..

Even if it lasts for only a few days, there is nothing pleasant about a flair-up of Angular Cheilitis, however, most bouts of the painful affliction don’t last for just a few days, rather it is quite common for the distressing illness to last for weeks, prolonged months, and some exasperating persistent afflictions hang on for several to many years.

These Photos Are Grotesque

angular chelitis

As you can see from these Cheilitis pictures, this is one of the lips diseases that anyone would want to be saddled with over a prolonged period of time.

But, that is exactly what happens once the Candida fungus, which usually causes the affliction,  is allowed to flourish, grow, and establish itself.

People suffering with Angular Chelitis will do almost anything to rid themselves of the horrid-looking and painful symptoms.  While the skin condition isn’t usually contagious, it does constantly hurt, and  it just makes your face look diseased.

All images of the condition look revolting, but some pictures look worse than others because the longer the affliction hangs around the worse the mouth corner sores tend to look.

Treatments That Fail To Work

1.  First, those suffering with this blight usually try, to no avail, a 1% Hydro Cortisone cream prescribed by their Doctors.

I’ve heard of people using up to three tubes of this stuff.  It typically does nothing to help heal the splits in your mouth corners, and meanwhile, you spend a good deal of your time trying to keep from licking the gooey white cream off the corners of your mouth.  If anything, the cream only adds to the revolting look of your face.

2.  Then, they try vitamin supplements, and sometimes this does help depending on the cause of the original flair-up, and they might also try increasing their water intake.

3.  Some people use sauerkraut juice, but soon give up on this disgusting home remedy, but mostly the poor hapless victims  just hope and pray that the condition will dry up and go away on its own.

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Rarely, does the awful condition dry up and disappear on its own because once it gets established, the normal tendency is to lick the corners of the mouth because the crusted-over mouth corner sores are itching.  The constant lip licking provides a moisture rich environment for the fungus to continue to grow

Sores Constantly Re-Open

The health condition hurts like the dickens because, as you can see from these pictures every time you open your mouth to do almost anything like eating, drinking, laughing, yawning, or talking, the sores in the corner of your mouth are stretched and and they systematically and painfully re-open time after time.

Sufferers Become Loners

People that suffer long term with this repulsive looking condition start to avoid contact with other people, but eventually they become withdrawn loners, and who could blame them, would you want to go out in public with the repugnant, raw, oozing splits so visible right on your lips and face?  They don’t want to risk being ridiculed.  What started out as dry corners of mouth has advanced to a very unattractive chronic aggravating affliction.

From these shots, you can why out-going and fun-loving people have turned into stay-at-home recluses.   A long-running bout can totally ruin the victims social life.

Affection or any sort of real intimacy becomes a thing of the past.   Anyone dealing with the condition would not enjoy affection of any sort.  And, to be truthful, probably no one would want to give affection to some one suffering with the angry-looking mouth corner sores.

pictures of angular cheilitis

Cheilitis Is Revolting!

Sometimes, with each re-opening, the deep splits bleed, and in severe prolonged afflictions, the crusty mouth corner tears even ooze pus.

Enduring constant pain is the everyday plight of sufferers.  They dread having to open their mouths for any reason for fear of re-opening their mouth corner tears, but the worst burden anyone afflicted with this loathsome looking affliction has to endure is the feelings of rejection by almost everyone.

Just looking someone in the face with the condition makes you want to bolt.  In fact, just looking at these images turns your stomach, doesn’t it?  Can you even imagine having to look at someone with this visual handicap on a regular basis?

People are uncomfortable even looking at pictures of this painful ugly affliction, but they are even more uncomfortable when they see the skin ailment in person.  People usually avert their eyes when they see a sufferer.   It’s just a natural reaction when observing red, angry-looking, crusty mouth corner splits.

In most cases, people don’t mean to noticeably recoil from the Chelitis victim, they just can’t help it.  The symptoms are so revolting that they just react automatically.  Anyone suffering with the skin problem is embarrassed and humiliated by their frightful split mouth corners.

Actually, the symptoms of the disease are so revolting that only a dermatologist could stand to look at them for more than a second or two.  Dermatologists use Angular Cheilitis images like these to help you better understand your condition.

Angular Cheilitis Sores Compared To Other Diseases

From the Chelitis pictures on this post, you can  easily see how the ugly symptoms could be easily be mistaken for symptoms of other more serious diseases like Aids sores, or herpes.

Some people ignorantly think that the sores are caused by lack of proper hygiene or possibly drooling.  These assumptions could be another reason why pictures of the skin ailment are so difficult to look at.

An enormous number of bouts are caused by the Candida fungus that is always on the  lips and skin around the mouth.  The fungus is usually dormant, but when it is furnished the right environment, it grows and takes hold, leading to the deep, painful split lip corners that you see in these graphic images.

As we’ve already said, it needs a moisture rich environment to grow, and when the corners stay moist as in lip licking, the fungus is provided the perfect growing environment for affliction to develop and take hold.

Now, there is a wonderful, effective, permanent, and quick (by quick, I mean overnight) at-home treatment for this foul looking affliction.  It is called The Angular Cheilitis Cure, and it really works since it deprives the fungus from the moisture it needs to continue growing.

angular cheilitis pictures, Once you’ve rid yourself of the nasty-looking symptoms  you might want to check into getting a really good lip moisturizing cream; here’s a really superior one called Best upper lip wrinkles Cream.

Don’t just use the cream for a few days right after you’ve eliminated your mouth corner sores, continue using it or a really good lip balm every time you go outside to keep you lips from becoming chapped.  We all tend to lick our chapped lips, which helps to keep the lip corners moist.

If you’ve been suffering with with the condition and you’ve tried everything that anyone and everyone has recommended, and you’re constantly wondering how to end this misery, look no more.

Click Here To Immediately Download The At-Home Cure For Angular Cheilitis! How to treat it is no longer a mystery.  This cure can help you just as it has helped literally thousands before you.

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