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Angular Cheilitis Causes Vary – Home Remedy Cures

There are various angular cheilitis causes.  We’ve all probably seen cases of it, but we didn’t know what we were seeing.  Most of the time, we tend to look away when the somewhat repulsive symptoms that are first observed on the face of either someone we know or a stranger.  To the uneducated observer, the sores could be seen as herpes on lip or aids sores.

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Three Top Causes Of This Annoying Condition

ugly mouth

The affliction can be caused by:

1.  Something as simple as the continuous collection of saliva in the corners of the mouth.

2.  Vitamin deficiencies.

3.  Poorly fitting dentures.

But before we get into the different determinants, lets talk a little about what the symptoms looks like on your face.

Causes Repulsive Symptoms

Regardless of what the cheilosis causes are, the symptoms usually appear as deep, raw-looking, split mouth corners.  And, most people that suffer the painful and sometimes long-term unsightly condition, usually refer to it simply as cracked corners of the mouth.

Chelitis Makes Opening Of Mouth Painful

The usual deep crusted over cracks of chelosis are prone to re-open with each new opening of the mouth, and the typical sufferer dreads the ordinary activities of life like eating, drinking, talking, laughing and giving and receiving affection.

Swelling & Redness Are Typical With Chelosis

Additionally, long bouts of a cheilosis affliction are also characterized by redness and swelling around the lips and mouth.  It can be a loathsome looking condition, which turns people off when they see your face.

Characterized By Humiliation

In fact, most people, even people just passing by on the street, look at you as though you were some sort of leper or Aids victim.  The uneducated have no idea  that you are suffering with a stubborn bout of angular cheilitis.

Shunning Is Typical

All they know is that they don’t want to stand or be close to you.  They inevitably think that your repugnant corner of mouth cracked symptoms might be contagious.  I have seen people get up from their seats and move across the room to get away from a hapless sufferer.

They also have no idea about the fact that the symptoms are harmless, and they usually mistake the deep, angry looking cracks as manifestations of something else.

Victims Become Reclusive

Some long term sufferers resort to avoiding other people at all costs because they feel that people are staring at them and making fun of them.  And, to be truthful, this is very often the case. The affliction usually eventually turns its victims into social outcasts, and if the symptoms persist as the tend to do, the afflicted becomes a reclusive stay-at-home.

Rampant Ignorance Prevails

People in the general population ignorantly link Angular Cheilitis to lack of proper hygiene, drooling, and  all sorts of other more serious ailments, like  Aids, herpes sores, cold sore corner of mouth, or one of the other sexually transmitted diseases.

The Number One Cause Of Affliction

Of all the causes for the affliction, it is usually a result of the Candida fungus, which needs a moist environment in which to flourish.  The fungus usually lies dormant unless the immune system is weakened.  But, when the immune system is compromised for some reason, the fungus, provided it has a moist environment, will grow rampantly.

So, when there is continuous moisture at the corners of the mouth, the fungus is provided the perfect environment in which to grow and establish itself.  This is an important point to remember as you will learn a little later.

Deep Mouth Corner Cracks Are Common

As long as it has a moisture rich environment, the fungus will continue to grow and the nasty appearing cracks at the mouth corners will continue to deepen, spread, and repeatedly crust over.

Moisture to the lips can be caused by the lips being chapped and the frequent lip licking that goes along with it, or sleep drooling, or badly fitting dentures.  All of these situations provide ample moisture to the corners of the lips and allow the infection to develop and progress.

Vitamin Deficiencies Can Be Cause Of Angular Cheilitis

In some cases, studies also show that deficiencies in vitamins B-2, B-3, B-6, B-12 are also responsible for Angular Cheilitis outbreaks.

Poorly Fitting Dentures Cause The Condition

Elderly folks are prone to develop the affliction if they have badly fitting dentures.  When the dentures don’t fit properly, little folds form in the sides of the mouth, these folds collect and hold saliva which gives the fungus the environment it needs in which to grow.  New dentures or denture implants could easily eliminate this common cause for the condition

 PCM Can Result In The Affliction

Here in the U.S., a protein-calorie malnutrition (PCM), found in up to 50% of elderly people in our nursing homes, can also account for flair-ups with their painful and repulsive looking symptoms.  This situation is a sad commentary on the care and treatment of our elderly in today’s American nursing homes.

Allergies Can Cause The Illness

Lastly, there are some less common causes for the disorder, like allergies to lipstick (and other cosmetics), toothpaste, and contact dermatitis.

Condition Results In Misery

Millions of people worldwide suffer with the painful and revolting looking affliction and with its symptoms of split mouth corners.  Some extreme bouts can last years and some have been known to last over a person’s life time.

What most sufferers don’t know is that there is a swift at home remedy, a cure for the affliction that really works, and one that usually knocks the symptoms down overnight.

It’s easy to apply and amazingly, the ingredients that you will need for the treatment mixture can readily be found in most  kitchens and bathrooms.  Usually, you won’t even have to go to the grocery or drug store to fetch the needed ingredients.

Now, I would like to invite you to download this amazing and guaranteed remedy so that you can rid yourself of this embarrassing and painful blight on your face or on your loved one’s face and life forever. The natural angular cheilitis remedy is completely guaranteed; there is no risk to you whatsoever.

History Of Cure

This simple cure was discovered by a frustrated Dad.  He had been researching tirelessly hoping to find something to help his teen-aged son, who had been suffering with the symptoms of the painful and humiliating illness for several years.

Fungus Is The Key To Cure

His discovery works on the principle, the fundamental truth, that the fungus that causes the affliction needs moisture to survive.   His discovery is a God send to sufferers because he found out how to deprive the causative fungus of the moisture it needs to live.  Once you deprive the fungus of moisture, it drys up and dies, and the mouth corner cracks immediately begin to heal.

After applying his new discovery, his homemade solution, to his son’s angry looking mouth corner splits, the boy’s split mouth corners began to dry up, the skin around his mouth starting returning to normal, and by the next morning the repugnant symptoms had been completely eliminated  from his face.  Can’t you imagine the kids excitement at being free of this repulsive looking affliction.

End Your Angular Cheilitis Affliction Today

Like this teen, and many thousands like him, you do not have to go on living with this horrible looking and painful affliction.   Regardless of how your affliction originated, this proven and quick cure can eradicate your painful and embarrassing condition overnight.

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