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3 Vitamins For Cracked Lips In Corner Of Mouth

fruitsIf you have ever experienced or have ever known anyone that has had cracked lips in corner of mouth (also called angular cheilitis) then you know it is one miserable condition.

What is  angular cheilitis?  It is a cracked lip skin condition that affects the corners of your mouth as angry-looking deep crusty splits.  Sore on side of mouth prevents you from eating, drinking, and speaking normally.

Socially, a cracked mouth can make you feel and even become isolated. Why? Because people typically look at your face first, and when you have crusty, oozing sores in the corners of your mouth, people aren’t encouraged to befriend you or want to even stand in the same room with you.

Because the cracked corner of mouth disorder is difficult to get rid of,  it is best to prevent it in the first place rather than waiting to deal with the irritating symptoms later on after the deep mouth sores or crusty cracks have already manifested.

One of the best preventative methods for sore on side of mouth is to eat healthy foods filled with fruits and vegetables that contain the vitamins essential for warding off angular cheilitis or stomatitis as it is also called by the medical establishment.

Healthy foods will help strengthen your immune system.  A compromised immune system, one that does not function up-to-par is listed as one of the primary contributing reasons why people the world over develop chelitis.

3 Main Vitamins To Include In Your Diet:

1. Iron – these are your green vegetables (broccoli) and leafy veggies, liver and lean meat.  Increasing your level of iron will not only help to prevent cheilitis, but it will also give your immune system a boost.  If you are already suffering from the unsightly and painful skin condition, you might consider taking iron supplements in order to help the iron deficiency most likely already present.  Iron is difficult to absorb by the body.

2.  Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin is found in dairy products, leafy vegetables, all types of meat, as well as cereals.  This B2 vitamin deficiency is vary easy to remedy if you make a point to focus your attention away from processed and fast foods.

3.  Vitamin  B3 or Niacin it is found in lean means, rice, beans, avocados, fish, eggs and liver.   Brown rice, cauliflower, avocado, cabbage, yeast, fish, chicken and beef are great sources of pyridoxine (a component of vitamin B6) which is also considered to greatly increase your immune system.

Of course an overall healthy balanced diet is the most effective strategy in creating a healthy body.  Be sure to include a multitude of healthy nutrients, vitamins and minerals in all of your meals.  Try to stay away from eating empty calories which offer no real benefit.

Treatment For Beginning Stages

If you are just now experiencing the beginning symptoms of chelitis or stomatitis as it is also called, you must treat it immediately.  The longer the condition goes on, the deeper the cracks become and then change into painful sores.  The sores often bleed, affording the opportunity for different types of bacteria and fungi to also take hold.  This entire evolutionary process can happen in the matter of about a week, and for that reason, and effective stomatitis treatment should be used.

  • You could try using at least a  lip balm that does not contain any perfume or colorants each and every time you feel that the area is too dry, preventing your saliva or sweat from reaching the affected areas and maintain a perfect hygiene are some of the steps, which if done from the first signs may stop its evolution, make it less violent and decrease the amount of time it will take to heal.
  • You also will might want to visit the doctor so you can get some ointments or creams which can treat the sores in your mouth corners and possibly see which vitamins your body is lacking so you can address this issue fast.

When dealing with angular cheilitis, the more time you waste postponing the time when you start your treatment, the more time you will have to cope with this condition. Thus, if you do not want the cracks to aggravate, become worse and start bleeding, move fast and start a cure for mouth sores right from the first symptoms.

Of course, boosting your immune system will definitely go a long way toward preventing angular stomatitis, however if you are one of the unfortunate ones who are suffering with it now, you may be looking for a permanent solution, one that will heal the painful cracks in the corners of your mouth and actually have this ugly condition behind you in a matter of a few days.

If you have waited too late for the lip balm and a Doctor’s visit seem too much right now, there is an outstanding online home remedy for angular cheilitis that is guaranteed to work overnight to get rid of the irritating condition for good.  This online cure for mouth corner lesions enjoys many positive testimonials.

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